Drake Certified Lover Boy Album Review

Nothing short of just hours released, Drakes Certified Lover Boy is raising views as if the savior Himself has returned in the flesh! Songs are scaling from 76k to over 400k on some platforms currently.

“A combination of toxic masculinity and acceptance of truth which is inevitably heartbreaking. Executive produced by me, Noah “40” Shebib, Oliver El-Khatib, and Noel Cadastre. Dedicated to Nadia Ntuli and Mercedes Morr. RIP  —Drake”

Drake again has blessed us with such a sinister, raw album; would we not expect anything less than this touch of greatness? It’s finally here, 6th studio album from Drake, Certified Lover Boy, is out for purchase and/or streaming across all platforms.

Drake’s artistic flare, along with creative collaborations with Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Lil Durk, Baby, 21 Savage, Future, Young Thug, Project Pat, and Travis Scott, this album is nothing shy of pure genius. They always say bad times make the best time to dive into creative habits, the stress and emotion behind this album is not only true to Drake’s artistic ability and hustle, but it shows you a look into how the celebrity life is no different than yours or mine.

We all know Drake loves to cling to the notion of a good time and only good vibes, you can feel his pain on recent relationship foundation of his recent son, whom he loves and adores, but this has crushed a bit of his ideal reality of family foundations. His track Champagne Poetry gives us a glimpse into his harsh reality of wanting the world but limited of giving his son his true ambition at heart; “Family”.

Never afraid to apologize, Drake apologizes for his absence to his fans, and anyone that feels they need an apology from Drake. Papi’s Home, something for the fans for sure, this reminds us of the ‘old Drake’, back in his Thank Me Later, released June 15, 2010, days; a freeing spirit, ready to elevate and ascend to the next level of achievement and greatness. Drake is such a VIBE! His versatile flow, singing and rapping, makes him such an aura!

As always, with some veteran collabs and a few new, this was the perfect mix of turn up and vibe out. I had to ask myself, “is my fire alarm going off; is something burning!?”, no it was just that fire Drake was giving us on this one. If you haven’t already, make sure you show him some love, and make sure you listen in. It is definitely an album you don’t want to miss out on; these lyrics are gong to be ringing in the streets like the sounds of the alarm.

Fans are not disappointed, and Drake never ceases to amaze everyone. Not many artists can deliver so much great hits, having such a unique and repetitive sound, and not get pushed aside for lack of creative compositions. Drake is the complete opposite, his music is like a lullaby you can help but hearing, listening to, and singing or rapping. You can tell that Drake is “getting back to himself.” After a lot on his shoulders, he is finally puling back together and pouring out hit after hit, as always!

Drake will always be relevant and true to his music, fans, and most importantly his self. There is no card Drake is not afraid to flip up, and he is not scared to raise the stakes. This is exactly what we needed!

Album Info:

Track 1 – Champagne Poetry Length: 5:37

Composers: A. Graham, John Lennon, PAUL MCCARTNEY, G. HARDEMAN, N. Shebib, M. Bidaye, M. Davis & J. Lawrence

Track 2 – Papi’s Home Length: 2:59

Composers: A. Graham, Jonathan Demario Priester, O. Ojelade, J. Young, Mark Borino, A Crawford, M. Jordan & R. Humphrey

Track 3 – Girls Want Girls (feat. Lil Baby)  Length: 3:42

Composers: A. Graham, D. Jones, O. Yildirim & Mathias Liyew

Track 4 – In The Bible (feat. Lil Durk & GIVĒON) Length: 4:57

Composers: A. Graham, N. Shebib, D. Banks, G. Evans, L Thomas III, A. Schindler, E Brown & Simon Gebrelul

Track 5 – Love All (feat. JAY-Z) Length: 3:48

Composers: A. Graham, S. Carter, O. Yildirim, L Thomas III, D. Cleary-Krell, S. Combs, C. Wallace, S. Jordan & Khris Riddick-Tynes

Track 6 – Fair Trade (feat. Travis Scott) Length: 4:51

Composers: A. Graham, J. Webster II, O. Yildirim, J Sweet, E. Oshunrinde, R.S. Antoine, C. Day Wilson, K. Edmonds, T. Halm, V. Wade, E. Dernst II, B Banks, M. Gordon, K. Mosovich & M. Reddick

Track 7 – Way 2 Sexy (feat. Future & Young Thug) Length: 4:18

Composers: A. Graham, N. Wilburn, J. Williams, B. Simmons, L. Ragland, R. Fairbrass, F. Fairbrass & R. Manzoli

Track 8 – TSU Length: 5:09

Composers: A. Graham, H. Arsenault, N. Cadastre, R. Kelly, C. Cross, Justin Timberlake, F. Hills & T. Mosely

Track 9 – N 2 Deep Length: 4:34

Composers: A. Graham, N. Wilburn, N. Shebib, K. Barua, H. Arsenault, A. Lustig, N. Cadastre, C. Butler, S. Carter, B. J. Freeman, J. Jenkins, J. McVey & L. Williams Jr 

Track 10 – Pipe Down Length: 3:26

Composers: A. Graham, L Thomas III, Robert E. Fairfax III, A. Moamer Hafez, Simon Gebrelul, D. Kastal, A. Walters & L. Camejo 

Track 11 – Yebba’s Heartbreak – Drake & Yebba Length: 2:14

Composers: A. Smith & James Francies 

Track 12 – No Friends In The Industry Length: 3:24

Composers: A. Graham, A. Hernandez, O. Yildirim, Nicholas Frascona, G. Williams & R. Debarge

Track 13 – Knife Talk (feat. 21 Savage & Project Pat) Length: 4:03

Composers: A. Graham, S. Bin Abraham-Joseph, L. Wayne, P. Houston, J. Houston, R. Mayers & P. Johnson

Track 14 – 7am On Bridle Path Length: 4:00

Composers: A. Graham, R. LaTour, D. Cleary-Krell, D. Duodu & M. Bidaye

Track 15 – Race My Mind Length: 4:30

Composers: A. Graham, N. Shebib, N. Goveia, S. Zhang, C. Wallace, O. Harvey, D. Axelrod, M. Axelrod, J. Johnson & S. Ra

Track 16 – Fountains Length: 3:12

Composers: A. Graham, T. Openiyi & T. Riziki

Track 17 – Get Along Better (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)Length: 3:49

Composers: A. Graham, P Jefferies, T. Griffin Jr., N. Cadastre & N. Shebib

Track 18 – You Only Live Twice (feat. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross) Length: 3:33

Composers: A. Graham, W. Roberts II, D. Carter Jr., R. Harrell III & B. Reid

Track 19 – IMY2 (feat. Kid Cudi) Length: 4:12

Composers: A. Graham, S. Mescudi, H. Arsenault, C. Owuor, A. Benfaress, I. Bizimana, Dounia Aznou & K. Castañeda

Track 20 – F*****g Fans Length: 4:05

Composers: A. Graham, J. Brathwaite, N. Cadastre, N. Shebib & P. Ring 

Track 21 – The Remorse Length: 5:51

Composers: A. Graham, N. Shebib & A. Hamilton

Edited by Ley Montijo 

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