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Turn your social media followers into email subscribers

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There is an insane value in social media. We’ve reached a point where social media marketing can’t be overlooked. Social media is a great tool for establishing brand awareness and reaching a larger audience, though it’s not always great for creating personalized messages. Email can bring more return on investment with personalized product offerings and promotional campaigns. Because email marketing is more personal, it can take less effort and lower costs to target an audience as compared to social media. It is incredibly important to convert your social media followers into email subscribers.

How do you do that? Let’s break it down:

    1. Keep it simple. The easiest way to grow your email list is by asking your social media followers to register with their email. Include your opt-in forms in an accessible, easy-to-locate spot, such as your social media bio or a pinned social media post, so your audience doesn’t have to search to subscribe.
    2. Provide value for your audience. Give people a reason to sign up by sharing helpful content, such as a webinar or white paper. Consider offering your social media followers a sales promotion to drive additional subscribers. As long as your audience recognizes the value, they are more likely to sign up and see what else you have to offer.
    3. Promote simple sign-ups. Share your opt-in form regularly on social media. Additionally, some social media platforms have helpful tools that promote easy opt-ins for email subscribers. On Facebook, you can create a dedicated tab on your page with an opt-in form. Twitter has cards that enable a link to opt-in with a one-click sign-up.
    4. Target a larger audience with ads. A paid ad campaign is a quick way to obtain new email subscribers, often with little investment. An advantage to promoting with ads is the ability to target a larger potential audience outside of your current social media followers. A best practice for running promoted social media campaigns is using gated content — providing valuable assets or information in exchange for contact information.
    5. Promote your campaign within groups. Share your campaign in relevant social media groups and discussions online, harnessing the power of platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Once you’ve gained email subscribers from your social media pages, it’s important to share a thank you and confirmation message with your new subscribers. If you promised valuable content, such as case studies or white papers, share those in the initial message. From there, you can begin your regularly programmed email series.

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