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[Sticky] Rules for Collaborations

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By popular demand here is a new collaborations sub forum where you can seek out like-minded forum members to help out with projects. music would be the first and foremost but sound design and other audio projects are definitely on the cards.

Make a new thread here if you're looking for help - don't forget to include all the info about what you are trying to accomplish, what you are looking for, what you will bring to the table and what your intentions are with the finished product.

  • Discuss And Agree Your Terms BEFORE Starting To Collaborate!
  • State clearly what you offer to the collaboration and what you want from a collaborator

Here are some initial rules!

1) Make sure your intentions are clear from the outset. We don't mind commercial collaborations as well as "just for fun" stuff but be sure that all your paperwork is in order regarding rights, ownership and copyright. We suggest you consult a qualified entertainment lawyer if in any doubt. Music Addict cannot and will not get involved in disputes!

2) Any member caught enlisting the help of others under false pretenses (e.g., a commercial firm trying to recruit for free labor) will be banned from this the site. Please report any abuses to the staff.

3) Music Addict can be used as an anonymous platform so make sure you do whatever due diligence is necessary on potential collaborators to ensure that they meet your creative needs and required skill level. We cannot be held responsible for time-wasters!

4) In the event of a falling out/disagreement/things going badly, you will have to sort things out privately (or elsewhere) - no dirty laundry is to be aired here. You are welcome to PM or email the staff privately if you think you've been messed around and we make a note of it but any open-air disputes on the forum here are prohibited.

These rules may evolve/change so stay tuned.

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Posted : November 13, 2022 5:59 pm