Charlie Rae

Threading together rock, pop, soul, and country, Charlie Rae provides a picture perfect tale of beautiful confidence, finding the strings that tie us all together. Connecting with a wide range of listeners, “Without You,” demonstrated Rae’s defined voice and striking range, as it displays her depth and unique airiness, making her appear both vulnerable and strong.

When you think you have a feel for an artist, Rae never ceases to amaze her audience; soaring into an upper register with a slight country twang that is truly memorable and remarkable. The melodic gift of her voice falls against the backdrop of constant ear candy instrumentals that just force you into captivation: The warmth of the acoustic guitars keep the song flowing as electric notes cut through the mix and violins carry you through each transition.

Charlie Rae is an electric, raw talent, who’s nothing short of bold and deeply felt, a rebel-with-a-cause. Rae is your classic artist of lore. Charlie Rae’s passion can be taken as rebellious, determined to make her art shine and remain steadfast against the commercialization of her music. She currently remains an independent artist, but industry professionals and fans despite her attitude towards the niche of the big labels have adopted Charlie’s talent.

Charlie, and her highly successful backers, believe there is a rapid demand for genuine music—and they definitely have hit the nail head as Charlie has found her ways of opening for big names, such as, Heart, David Foster, Pat Benatar, Sheryl Crow, Leon Russell, Chris Isaak, Michelle Branch, and Donovan.

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