Celeste Buckingham

At first glance, it is immediately clear that Celeste Buckingham has star quality and the potential to be a force of nature in the pop world. Not only are all of her songs the textbook definition of marketable and catchy, her social media, specifically her instagram and YouTube accounts, solidify that she is capable of becoming the next big name. She not only has the “sound”, but she already has nearly 200,000 followers and subscribers as well.

After browsing through her music and videos, I noticed that although her music was incredibly catchy, it did not stand out to me as particularly unique. I realize that in order to climb Billboard charts you have to strategically straddle the line between overly formulaic and uniquely memorable. But unfortunately, I felt that with some of her songs, including her most recent release “Feel”, that line was crossed only just slightly.

However there were some songs, particularly “Time is Ours”, that I think filled both criteria beautifully, and in addition it was my favorite music video of hers.

Overall, Celeste has a phenomenal voice that was made for pop and the ability to become a household name. I think one of the few things that may be preventing that from happening is her not taking as many risks musically as she could while still creating a marketable end product.

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