Bite Me single Review

Bite Me single Review

A single can make or break an artist, With Avril Lavigne with her many with her angsty punk singles with her first album “complicated “and “Sk8er bio” from the album Let go. To her Pop punk singles like “Girlfriend”, and a balled as a single “When You’re Gone,” from her album The best damn thing. We have a fresh new single that is called Bite Me, an edge song that combines her early songs with another single What the hell.

The release date for Bite Me was November tenth. The single was first leaked on Tik Tok as a sound bit that people could use. Smart move by Avril Lavigne or her team? That is how singles and music get promoted these days.

Avril Lavigne is making a comeback, not just with her single but collaborating with different artists as Willows song GROW. Also creating a music video with WILLO with the two artists as giants. With Bite Me music video is a revenge story about an ex-boyfriend. With the two music videos, there are elements of nostalgia with color choices. Also with Avils style choice punk meets pop fashion.

With this single, we have Avril Lavigne’s going back to her roots in music and fashion, and cinematograph in her music video. Avril Lavigne is also working with other artists to create more music. With new artists and new music coming out every day it is refreshing to see nostalgic music coming back.

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