Amanda Renee

Amanda Renee has the potential to become the next big music mogul in the industry with her engaging stage presence and star quality. Some of her vocal accomplishments include The Voice Season 13 Top 90 and a feature in Glamour Magazine. Her cover of “Love is Alive by Lea Michele” was feature in the finale of the Miss Grand International pageant. Alongside her huge accomplishments, Amanda has been featured on IHeartRadio playing an original song of her own. One thing is for sure, Amanda Renee is going far with her ambitious, entrepreneurial mentality.

 Besides her passion for singing and dancing, she has a great devotion to teaching the city youth. Along with her sister, in Murrieta, CA, Amanda owns a dance studio and arranging to release her debut album in 2022. She did a Backstreet Boys Dance Tribute to show off her dance ability. This video reached 4.8K views. Currently, Amanda has a growing 7.52k subscribers on YouTube, and 3k followers on Instagram.

Amanda has successful hits such as: “Don’t Feel the Same” and “Start Again”. Amanda’s music videos are high quality and very artistic. She knows how to stand out and has created her lane; a category all for herself. That’s how unique of an artist Amanda is. Amanda’s “No Me Queda Mas” cover, by the late Selena Quintanilla-Perez, describes how powerful her vocal abilities are.

Amanda’s can tap into different genres and still sound authentic. Amanda also covered “Como La Flor”, by Selena Quintanilla-Perez, which was beyond remarkable. I believe that Amanda brings versatility as well as strong vocal ability. Amanda sang a powerful, heartfelt song entitled, “Worthy”. This gospel cover shows her range and her ability to influence a community. Overall, Amanda has a beautiful voice, meant for any genre. She is authentic and very versatile. Amanda is headed in the right direction to reach her greatest star potentials.

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