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Here in “Autumn Leaves,” we see a stunningly creative video animated by Joshua Hoang bring life to Alex B at his best. Low fi instrumentals are expertly mixed with Alex’s crooning voice. The sound wraps around the listener and the percussion hits perfectly.

Altogether, the sound creates an intimate experience that makes you feel are right there with Alex; he is someone you can trust and experience life with. Many will be able to relate to the feeling—losing a relationship, seeing the signs of “autumn leaves fallings,” knowing winter/the end of the relationship is coming and you just “wanna go home,” wishing the whole thing could simply be over so you wouldn’t have to go through the painful breakup process. After listening to “Autumn Leaves,” it will be clear to you how Alex B has captured thousands of hearts.  

Luckily for all of us, Alex B dropped his debut album Troubled Thoughts this summer! Alex truly stretches himself on this album, dipping his toes in the hip hop/R&B world as well as presenting some straight-pop songs you’ll love dancing to. On the title track “Troubled Thoughts,” we see Alex stay true to his signature low-fi style. Here, Alex does it again. He has the unique ability to pique our interest with his sad tales, and then when the chorus hits—you can physically feel then sensation in your chest. You might feel the need to go give Alex a hug or cry yourself, but you will definitely be tuning in for another listen.  

A Bit About Alex B: 

Alex is an 22-year-old up and coming singer/dancer from Philadelphia. Despite his age, Alex is a seasoned performer and has performed hundreds of shows for crowds big and small. He has been one of the top artists in the regional pop category (ReverbNation) for the last 8 years, often topping at #1 as well as 12th nationally and 14th globally. Due to his growing popularity on his social media and in particular YouTube, Alex performed at Vidcon in 2016. 

Also in 2016, Alex was asked to appear on the first season of the kids’ show Wonderama, which aired nationally in in January 2017 and reached 40 million homes.  

Alex has worked with many talented people like producers Yonni and Jim Beanz, as well as singer/songwriter Guordon Banks. While working with Jim Beanz, Alex became the #1 featured emerging artist on the “Now 54” compilation CD. He has also toured on the west coast with High School Nation during their spring tour for 2 years, during which he performed at 25 schools in 5 different states. While on tour Alex made the front page of the Fresno Bee and was featured on abc30’s morning news. Recently, Alex was featured on the Love & Hip Hop New York episode “Peace Talk” 

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