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Over my many years in music, I have personally reviewed many new artists, either for competitions, consulting, A&R for UMG & other labels, or Music Addict. Every so often, you find a rare gem in the younger artists. I have to admit that Ada LeAnn, a young artist from Michigan, is a rare find.

Let’s start by reviewing one of her videos from 2020.

She has complete control of her vocal range. The song “Adore You” is an excellent example of the potential you see from a young artist. I feel she will be a rising star and featured on the Billboard charts before you know it. I find her music well-produced, and her brilliant vocal deliveries (in my opinion) hit a home run every time. You can certainly hear this in this next song, “Someone to Somebody.” The result is nothing short of amazing.

This song comes off as a traditional love song. It takes us all back to age sixteen, on vacation for summers at the lake, where we find love for the first time. It never turns out as the forever kind, but we all can relate to these words. Her unique, steady, and innocent vocals make the words come to life. She won me over with this song. It is all about proving that we all desire more than just temporary love. I hope you can enjoy and relate to this song as I have.

Bio from Ada LeAnn’s website:

My name is Ada LeAnn. I’m 16-year-old high school student from Michigan, and a recording artist out of Nashville, Tennessee. My Mother will tell you that she knew that I was going to be a singer before I was born. This is why she named me Ada LeAnn. I have been writing and singing for as long as I can remember; when I was younger, I used to have a bit of stage fright. With my parents, peers, and friend’s encouragement I was able to have the push to start performing at events and putting myself out there on social media. I started gaining attention locally in my hometown in Southwest, Michigan in 2019. I went on to win 1st place at local competition with my first solo performance ever. Following that win, my confidence skyrocketed, and I signed up for a more largely known semi- local competition called Delton Idol. The competition took place over two days and was filled with performances and is run in a similar style of American Idol. I ended up taking first place in this competition as well and won the grand prize.

Since then, with the help of my father I signed an artist development contract with Carter Frodge who is a Nashville based songwriter signed with Fairtrade music publishing. He has had multiple songs chart on national Christian radio and Billboard. He is helping me become the singer, songwriter and artist I want to become. I write songs that are personal but also relatable to many. In November 2020, I released my first EP,  “Young Love”. I have two of my songs from this EP in the finals which are  “Young Love” and “Someone to Somebody”. These songs represent who I am as an artist and furthermore, who I want to be.

I hope when listening to these songs, you can be taken back to a time you spent with a special person when you were young and in love or maybe when you stopped spending time with a person and the heartbreak you felt but also, the opportunity to experience independence and you learned more about yourself and who you wanted to be for your future self. Regardless, in some way, shape, or form, I hope you can relate. Throughout 2020 and the pandemic, I spent a lot of time and wrote songs that I am so excited and proud to share in 2021. So please check them out 🤍 

Ada LeAnn’s first digital single releases were in November 2019 and February 2020. These were cover songs, but her “10,000 Hours” cover ( Dan&Shay and Justin Bieber)  has over half a million streams on SoundCloud. Her first original releases came in April 2020 and August 2020. Here August’s release “Young Love” became her title track for her debut EP in November of 2020. On September 28th, 2020, “Young Love aired on the Indie Channel’s Radio Café Top 10 Count Down as a bonus feature. The next week she moved up to #4 on the count down, and then on October 12th, it came in at #1! It stayed at #1 for 18 weeks. “Young Loveand another song from her EP, “Someone to Somebody,” are now both finalists in the ISC International Songwriting Competition. The winners of the ISC will get announced in early May 2021. Her most recent original song, “Over,” came out on 4/2/21 and has been featured on the Local Spin Radio Show on WYCE 88.1 FM radio out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Check out this excellent behind-the-scenes video for “Young Love.” This shows her incredible energy and the joyous smile she possess. She again proves her incredible vocal control. She never challenges her range, but possesses such a great talent.

I look forward to her upcoming 2021 and 2022 releases.

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