Internship Opportunities

Music Addict LLC/MI5 Recordings is looking for Interns for our Full Service Record label, our radio interview show, our music TV Show seen in 190 countries, for our music magazine which launched in Jan 2019 and for our entertainment Consulting firm. We are looking for aggressive interns who want to learn the media and music business. Music Addict/MI5 Recordings is looking for qualified candidates who want to learn about music, entertainment and the media industry.
  • Set up and participate in A&R Campaign development meetings.
  • Learn how a record label works
  • Work as part of a larger team to expand Music Noises/MI5 Recordings presence in social media and the music industry.
  • Attend policy events, government official speeches, hearings and round-tables on a variety of topics and prepare summaries for use by Political Awareness’s subject matter experts.
  • Conduct research on music artists and music/entertainment events
  • Draft correspondence/emails to music/entertainment representatives as needed
  • Monitor Music/Social media issues that impact the company
  • Assist with logistics for community outreach events and programs and participate as needed.
  • Write Music industry articles and features on our website
  • All other duties as assigned.
  • Work with Our Magazine staff on magazine issue releases/articles
  • Work with our Radio and TV staff on programs
  • Work with Consulting staff on current projects
Music career goals with either production, record label or artists, Journalism for writing, research and editing for magazine or songwriting, music engineering or production, record label management, interviewing for radio or tv. Hosting for radio or tv, social media or consulting back rounds or interests, public relations, entertainment management, Data and analytics back round for the record label and Marketing for all media
Qualifications: Candidates will perform these activities based on there selected preference field:
  • Record label MI5 Recordings , candidates will learn about the record label , production, distribution, social media and consulting parts of the industry, they will have a hands on approach working with the staff on projects we have going on with artists, consultations, production of music and working with radio stations and social media.  Learning the ropes with Distribution, Production post and pre production, Songwriting, social media, radio stations, contracts and more
  • Special consideration will be give to candidates who have proven an interest in the music industry by their research, studies, employment or extracurricular activities.
  • Desire to learn about the record label operations, policies and processes.
  • The Dcap show and Welcome to the D show -for the radio and tv shows, we will teach and show how the industry works with how interviews, prepping for a interview or the tv show behind the scenes, also what it takes to edit and get the audio and visual for production and for broadcast. What the radio and tv industry does and the working with the TV network and the shows staff to learn the ropes. Production, editing, setting up of interviews and writing segments and pre show research
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills and not afraid to network or get to know new people.
  • Computer skills including word processing, researching, database creation, slide preparation, etc.
  • Must be self-motivated enough to work independently and within a team atmosphere when needed
  • Magazine Music Player Magazine, Showing what it takes for prep, research, writing and editing of articles. Including some writing for certain articles for the magazine and publication
  • Music Addict LLC- we consult for all parts of the music and entertainment industry, from live stage performance to having contracts with cities to consult and set up their entertainment and live music for a full year per each contract
We look forward to hear from all interested candidates for this position.
****Check with your Internship Coordinator BEFORE accepting to determine how you might do this internship for credit.****

About Music Addict, LLC

Music Addict LLC/mi5 Recordings Detroit is a Multi Media Company with a Record Label, TV Show, Radio Show and Music Magazine

Music Noises is the home of Music reviews, The Dcap Radio Show, Welcome to the D TV Show, Music Player Magazine, Music Noises Musicians Network, our Music Consulting service and the Detroit Office of the record label MI5 Recordings distributed by Universal Music Group. Bundled together in a easy navigation on one website. We hope to provide the Best service in entertainment and music industry today. We also provide a musician’s network on this site to where musicians from around the world can communicate, share, post there own blogs and announcements and collaborate with each other on projects and tours. Join the Community today.

We offer established and new artists – production, post production, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, booking, song writing and promotional services. Our combined years of experience in the music business allows us to provide keen insight on what works best for our clients. Our team of award winning professionals, can provide a variety of services depending on your project needs. If you already have your tracks recorded, but need everything brought together – look no further. With our long list of supporting consultants, song writers, musicians and producers we have a talented team to make you the best in music today. Our services expand beyond music distribution services. We also offer consulting for music, video, live performance and recording projects. Have us work on your next project.

Music Addict, LLC –Mission, Vision, and Goals Music Noises –

Guiding artists to the next level


To provide Grammy Award winning consulting and music distribution for developing artists, preparing them for the next level (i.e., Universal Music Group). To work with artists to cultivate their music and compile analytics on their fan base in order to create and build their brand.


To excel as the developmental record label on behalf of Mi5 Recordings distributed by Universal Music Group by identifying and creating radio ready and Grammy worthy music and artists.


At Music Addict/MI5 Recordings distributed by Universal Music Group Detroit Office we understand the changes in the music industry and the effects of online streaming. We know the best way to promote the artist brand is online presence, touring and sponsorship by making safe and solid connections in the industry. Gone are the days of million-dollar cash advances, album sales, demo tapes and radio call in requests. Our assets, both human and technological, make our distribution different from any other label offer. The Grammy award winning team of Music Industry Professionals has worked with some of the largest record and music companies in the world to create formidable artist support with an experienced wealth of knowledge. By utilizing all that the internet and social media has to offer, Music Noises/MI5 Recordings Detroit entities have a global reach of over 3.6 million people. We aim to collaborate with, guide, and promote the artist in reaching their potential. With respect and the camaraderie of family, we provide the artist with sound, proven, music and career advice – educating the artist along the way. Our distribution deal means a partnership with the artist, sharing the responsibility of maneuvering through the music industry of today.